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Cowhide Care

Cowhide Care and Maintenance

Belle Couleur cowhide is natural and of the highest quality and all hair on hides are bi-products of the food industry.

Cowhide is a naturally stain resistant and repellent material and is easy to maintain and care for.

Cowhide bags

Cowhide & Leather Care Instructions

Avoid too much sunlight, moisture and heat.

Take extra care with lighter colour hide & leather to prevent unwanted staining.

Please be aware that cowhide hair is prone to shedding with continued friction & use.

To maintain the look and feel of the cowhide regularly brush in the direction of the hair growth (an upholstery brush is perfect for this).

Spot dry any spills immediately with a clean cloth or sponge so that no more liquid is absorbed.

For more substantial spills (such as coffee & wine) mix a drop of dishwashing liquid/shampoo in warm water and continue to blot with cloth. Make sure to do this while the stain is fresh. You may need to rub gently to reach the base of the hair. Continue to dampen the cloth and rub until the stain is removed.

Avoid soaking the hide.

Allow the hair to dry naturally. Do not use a heat source to speed up the drying time.

If thick or sticky substances get on the cowhide, gently scrape off as much as possible with the dull side of a knife, in the same direction as the hair, then follow the same steps above.

The leather pieces of your bag or wallet can have a suitable leather protectant applied.  Please note do not apply to hair on cowhide.

Belle Couleur natural hair on hides are not only uniquely beautiful, it’s one of easiest material to keep looking new and fresh for many years!